Licence Terms

By purchasing any photograph(s) on (further referred to as “the image”) you acknowledge that you have read and agreed to the terms and conditions below.


The copyright of the image is retained by the original copyright holder, usually the photographer. Dengo Media Ltd. act as an agency that sells image usage licences via the website on behalf of the copyright holder.


Your purchase via includes a PERSONAL USE licence.


A PERSONAL USE licence covers anything that you as a private individual would want to do with the image, eg. sharing it on your personal social media, making personal prints, emailing it to your mum, putting it on your personal blog, on a gift coffee mug, on your wall at home, your surf club’s gallery or news item or on your charity fundraising page.


This licence does not include use of the image in any context of a business, passing it on to a third party to use, selling it on or using it for financial gain. You are also not allowed to copy or distribute the image or make it available for further download, where this would exceed personal, non-commercial use as stated above.

Personal use DOES NOT include (for example): print or digital publishing in newspapers (local, regional, national), magazines, any other journalistic articles, consumer blogs, magazine websites, publisher websites, company newsletters, commercial advertisement, sponsor messages, PR content, business social media pages, etc.

For COMMERCIAL USE (including EDITORIAL) please contact us directly via the contact form.

Use of an image before obtaining a licence or using it outside the licence scope will incur additional unlicensed usage fees.

If in doubt – get in touch!


Dengo Media Ltd. warrants that it has all necessary rights and authority to perform this agreement. Dengo Media Ltd. makes no other warranties and shall not be liable for any claims, losses or damages incurred by you or any further party as a result of or in connection with your use of the image(s).