Order Images

How it works

Ordering images is simple. Pick what you want from the galleries and note down each image file name, which usually has a date, the word Saltpixels and a number, eg. “180202_Saltpixels-0411”. We need at least the date and the number for each image.

Once you have sent us a message using the order form below, we will contact you with a final price offer and a paypal account. Upon receipt of payment we will send you a link to download your images.


You can either choose a single image for £10 or we send you all shots of you from a particular day / session for £40. The images are in a resolution of 1600px on the long side of the image. This will allow for high quality screen display and 300 dpi print up to 4 x 6 inches (10 x 15 cm). You can purchase higher resolution images upon request.


Please note that buying images from us means you purchase the right to use, share, duplicate and print the image for personal, non-commercial use only! The copyright stays with us. Please read our TERMS AND CONDITIONS before you buy! Any questions, just ask.